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  • the Urquhart family!

  • Another catch-up session with one of my favorite families! The Urquhart family expanded by one this summer, and when they came to the area to visit, we got some family photos!   I can't believe how big Blake is getting! [check out his adorableness from a few years ago here] [these last three also perfectl[...]
  • the Lueders family

  • I've been photographing the Lueders family for years now - a total of three weddings, and countless family sessions. It's always like catching up with friends, so I was excited with Julia contacted me for some family photos with their newest addition, Libby.
  • introducing baby Will!

  • Baby Will's parents got married a few years ago [and I was there to document that, of course] and now they've expanded to a family of 3! big brother Fred was there to keep an eye on us :) one big [um, emphasis on big] happy family :) And of course we couldn't leave Fred out - he got a close up as well [...]