Lynette + Karl | married!

On a day that was supposed to rain aaallllll day, it didn’t! The sun shone and the kids played, and it was one of the most beautiful days ever – largely due to the two amazing people at the helm. Lynette and Karl are kind, warm, generous and funny people, so hanging out with them all day and taking photos of their gorgeous faces [and all the wonderful details] was a dream!
Lynette&KarlBlog001 Lynette&KarlBlog002 Lynette&KarlBlog003 Lynette&KarlBlog004 Lynette&KarlBlog005 Lynette&KarlBlog006 Lynette&KarlBlog007 Lynette&KarlBlog008 Lynette&KarlBlog009 Lynette&KarlBlog010 Lynette&KarlBlog011 Lynette&KarlBlog012 Lynette&KarlBlog013 Lynette&KarlBlog014 Lynette&KarlBlog015 Lynette&KarlBlog016 Lynette&KarlBlog017 Lynette&KarlBlog018 Lynette&KarlBlog019 Lynette&KarlBlog020 Lynette&KarlBlog021 Lynette&KarlBlog022 Lynette&KarlBlog023 Lynette&KarlBlog024 Lynette&KarlBlog025 Lynette&KarlBlog026 Lynette&KarlBlog027 Lynette&KarlBlog028 Lynette&KarlBlog029 Lynette&KarlBlog030 Lynette&KarlBlog031The perfect way to end a lovely, gorgeous and fun day!

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