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  • swinging!

  • Switching gears today for a personal post! Our little Bea is already EIGHT MONTHS OLD. Time is certainly flying! She's crawling, standing while holding on to stuff, eating some big people food, and has just the sweetest disposition. Always smiling, never fusses [unless hungry, which, let's face it - I fuss when I'm hun[...]
  • Snow day!

  • We've been given a blanket of snow this morning, and it's sooo pretty.  Snow days make me very, very thankful that I'm able to work from home [and I feel terrible for my husband, who has an hour commute on normal, non-snowy days].  I'm also thankful that I have a couple of models at the ready!  And they look quite hand[...]
  • Baby Caroline's Room

  • In just a few short weeks, my niece Caroline will make her debut! My mom and I threw a shower for my sister back in February [when her crazy work schedule actually allowed for a weekend trip back to Missouri from Texas], but this past weekend, Mom and I trekked down to central Texas for a shower thrown for her by her [...]
  • Growth.

  • For wedding photographers, winter is all about catching up, getting a bit more sleep at night, cleaning the house [finally], and personal and professional growth. I've been shooting things I want to shoot to keep sharp and learn new techniques to keep me on my wedding game, but I've also been keeping up [ummmm, somewh[...]
Baby Caroline's Shower!
  • Baby Caroline's Shower!

  • At the end of May I'll officially be an aunt! My sister is having her first baby, and this past Saturday was our big baby shower my mom and I threw for her.  Fallan [my sister] isn't of the "shabby chic vintage Parisian garden party with birds" ilk.  We're talking about a girl whose favorite go-to outfit is a superhero[...]
New Year, New Goals
  • New Year, New Goals

  • It's that time of year when everyone makes all-encompassing, nearly-impossible-to-keep resolutions. I've made resolutions before, and while I've stuck with some, others just got pushed aside so I could continue to live my life the way I always have.  Because it's easier that way.  You know, to not change. This year i[...]
Deck the Halls!
  • Deck the Halls!

  • Though this time of year is the busiest time of year for a photographer, I managed to un-plant myself from my computer chair to do one of my most favorite activities - I decorated my house for Christmas! And I listened to Christmas music on vinyl [then watched Elf.  I only have 2 Christmas records, and that didn't last[...]