For wedding photographers, winter is all about catching up, getting a bit more sleep at night, cleaning the house [finally], and personal and professional growth. I’ve been shooting things I want to shoot to keep sharp and learn new techniques to keep me on my wedding game, but I’ve also been keeping up [ummmm, somewhat] with my 2014 goals. Namely, I’ve been painting again, which is something I did a TON of in years past, but let slip in recent years.  At about the same time I set that goal, a friend of mine asked if I’d be interested in painting pet portraits again [also something I used to do way more of].  Why, yes, I’m super interested [especially since her dog Stella is amazingly cute and fun]!  So off I went.  Which is kinda crazy, since in the last few months my husband and I bought our dream house, did a couple of reno projects, and moved.  Crazy time, but it felt amazing to get back into those oil paints, and paint one of my favorite things to paint – dogs [of course :)]  So – meet Stella!

I worked on her in several painting sessions, where I could make time of an evening, Sundays, here and there.  And I took progress pics with my iphone:

Then, once I felt like she was finished, I took a couple of photos of the finished product:

She’s cute :)

So this is definitely something I want to do more of!  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started doing it again.  So when I make time here and there [when I’m not working on the new house] I’ll be sure to share.