Switching gears today for a personal post! Our little Bea is already EIGHT MONTHS OLD. Time is certainly flying! She’s crawling, standing while holding on to stuff, eating some big people food, and has just the sweetest disposition. Always smiling, never fusses [unless hungry, which, let’s face it – I fuss when I’m hungry too.] and laughs all the time. She’s pretty much the most fun person ever.
Yesterday my husband and I took her to the park for her first time in a swing! She of course loved it [but she also seemed content just kicking her feet in the air while it was standing still. she’s just pretty much content with everything.] Of course I brought my camera 😉

Bea_swing001 Bea_swing002 Bea_swing003 Bea_swing004 Bea_swing005 Bea_swing006 Bea_swing007 Bea_swing008

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